Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Buster Blue

Buster BlueA lot of times Buster Blue is described as a “family band”, or “wholesome”. I don’t quite understand that angle considering the song content the majority of the time. We have shared the uncomfortable parts of growing up, learning to be an individual,  or even a scary dream the night before. Buster Blue yells and fights with each other the way any family does, but only through our honesty can the best music surface. We love each other through the hard times & invite you to listen to our growing pains. Buster Blue is a band that has known each other throughout the beauty & ugliness that can accompany childhood in a small town. We also like to karaoke & play ghost towns.

AMBY: How did Buster Blue come to be?

Buster Blue: A childhood friend of mine died in a car accident when I was just out of high school. An ex-girlfriend of mine had given me a banjo & I quickly put together a song named “Moonlight” that made me feel like I had properly communicated everything I wanted to say to her. That would be the first Buster Blue song.

AMBY: For all those prospective listeners out there, how would you describe your sound?

Buster Blue: Sounds like the sweetest heart attack of your life

AMBY: What was the inspiration behind your band name?

Buster Blue: An old cowboy named Buster Blue kept coming to me in my dreams and giving me song ideas.

AMBY: What’s your personal favourite track you’re produced thus far?

Buster Blue: I really enjoyed the recording process for “Sleeplessness”. The foundation of the track was recorded live just my guitar & vocal. I had Brendon (engineer & bass player) there to help guide me. The song itself needed to be learned that day as well- considering I had written it 2 months prior while actually not having slept for two days.

AMBY: Who were the last three artists/bands you listened to?

Buster Blue: Neutral Milk Hotel, Father John Misty, Marty Robbins

AMBY: If you could tour with anyone, who would it be?

Buster Blue: My Morning Jacket. Jim James & I would trade recipes & gossip like schoolgirls.

AMBY: Name the top 5 things on the bucket list?

Buster Blue: 1. Play the Grand Ole’ Opry, then die onstage immediate afterwards.
2. Have my own cabin in the woods.
3. Learn to paint.
4. Host a talk radio show specifically for liberal dogs. Right-wing canine need not listen.
5. Be involved in a celebrity “beef”.

AMBY: What can we expect in the near future from Buster Blue?

Buster Blue: Not gonna ruin the surprise. I think we’re getting to a place where we can really push the material on “Sleep Less Where The Heart Is”, without looking back at it. I’m excited to share what’s next with you all.

AMBY: Please tell AMBY something you’ve never told anyone before.

Buster Blue: I used to have a thing for pulling fire alarms & calling the police from pay phones when I was a kid. I have this impulse inside me that likes to see what happens when I stir up the pot a bit. I would never admit it was me, but took quiet satisfaction from it. Now, I guess I try to apply that idea to lyrics in songs. See if I can pull an alarm in their brain or something.


Thank you Buster Blue, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Nadia Kaakati,  Introduction and Answers by Buster Blue

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