Broken Witt Rebels: Concert Review!

Broken Witt Rebels // The Flapper in Birmingham // 16.08.13

Broken Witt Rebels

Not long ago I had the great chance of attending a Broken Witt Rebels sound check and concert in Birmingham and I had a wonderful time. Read this article to see what happened.

Actually Broken Witt Rebels had planned a concert in Coventry on Saturday 17th August but this got cancelled due to some difficulties with the promoters. But as keen as the band was to play, they managed to get on the line for a last-minute gig and therefore knew only one day before the gig that they were about to play the next day with “The Kaleidoscopes”, “Nishi” and “Holocene” at The Flapper in Birmingham.

The next day came and about half 6 the Rebels found their way to the Flapper, everyone coming from a different part of the town. Then it was to get the gear into the venue and wait until the other bands had done their sound check so Broken Witt Rebels could do it after them. Although bass guitar player Luke was feeling terribly sick that day and guitarist James forgot his picks, so he had to borrow one from me, the sound check was good and they were ready for the show.

The one-and a half hour break before the Rebel’s stage appearance was used for some drinks, smokes, jokes about ripped guitar strings and later with some nice talks with Broken Witt Rebels’ great fans that support them no matter what and are always there when they play a show, which everyone is very grateful for.

A bit late on time the Rebels went on stage then and played a fantastic set, including their singles “All Worn Out” and “Call Out The Sun” (both released earlier this year), as well as newer songs and standard songs. Most memorable moments of the gig itself was when the true fans sang back the wooooo’s during “Call Out The Sun”, every now and then shouts of “Up The Rebels!” and when the D-string of James’ guitar broke just during their cover of the Black Keys’ song “I Got Mine” so James didn’t want to do his significant “I can play the guitar with my teeth as well” feature anymore.

All in all, the concert was amazing, Broken Witt Rebels proofed once more that they are a fantastic live band and definitely are on the rise. Up the Rebels!

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