Getting Cozy With… Beartown Zodiac!

Beartown ZodiacWe are Beartown Zodiac; an Indie/Folk/Pop collective based in Bournemouth, England. We have three genres to cover all angles; one minute we’re quiet, the next we’re loud. The group is led by David Bird-Hawkins, the singer and songwriter. The band started after David took a career break and travelled the world writing songs on a white flying-v ukulele. When he returned he performed the songs solo on the uke, but then formed a band to back him up. The ukulele no longer appears with the full band, it has been replaced by the more reliable electric guitar. However, the ukulele often makes an appearance at acoustic shows. The rest of the band includes: Alison Jay on the fiddle, Tiff Wheaton-Green playing those dirty low bass notes and Matthew Musial playing the breadsticks. Influences include Sparklehorse, Blur, Eels, Supergrass, Grandaddy and Magnetic Fields, although, we don’t necessarily sound like our influences – make up your own minds! Our debut EP, Karaoke Bites, is available to download digitally everywhere. Featuring: Karaoke Bites, Mountains in my Sunglasses, Rosiebird and Write me a Story. You should download it now as it’s perfect for the summer!


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