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We are Fialta, a four-piece indie pop band from San Luis Obispo, a little town on the Central Coast of California. We’re a collective of multi-instrumentalists and songwriters who joined forces in 2010 to write and record together. At that time, all of us were scattered across the country. Since then, we’ve relocated so we could all live within a few blocks from each other. We’re also two married couples, best friends, and totally in love with what we are doing right now.

Our name, Fialta, is lifted from the short story “Spring in Fialta” by Nabokov, and is a nod to the fictional eastern Mediterranean village that serves as the story’s setting. While our songs borrow little influence from that story, we do enthusiastically look to literature (and art in general) for much of our inspiration. Because of this, and our love for our region, when people ask what our genre is we playfully answer “Central Coast Literary Pop.” We assume we are the only band in this genre currently. :)

In addition to being fun and generally upbeat, our music is a little bookish, but still accessible. At the end of the day, we love narrative in all forms: songs, poems, the news, novels, biographies, cartoons, crime dramas – whatever can satisfy our appetites for a good story. At some point, all of these have found (or will find) their way into a song of ours. When we aren’t writing or performing, we hang out at the beach and read, cook Italian food, drink whiskey and dessert wine, and listen to Vampire Weekend’s new record on repeat. Our biggest news is that we just released our first full-length album, Summer Winter, on July 23rd. The record, full of harmonies, ukulele, keyboards, percussion, handclaps, bells, and whistling, is really a coming of age album for us, and the record really processes through that lyrically. During its making, we traveled the world, fell in love, graduated college, got married, learned what it is to work real jobs. All of these themes – but perhaps most explicitly, the loss of youth – bleed into the fictional lyrics found on the record. The result is a wistful pop album that’s equal parts nostalgia, disillusionment, and cheek, with a hefty dose of hopeful idealism to balance it all out.

If you want to get to know us a bit more, check out our album here, and follow us on Facebook, or Twitter: @fialtamusic.


Mike, Sarah, Beth, and David


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