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MerivalHullo! My name’s Anna. I make music as a vocalist, writer, and multi-instrumentalist for the bands First Rate People and beau, and also on my own as a singer-songwriter called Merival. All of this keeps me pretty busy, which is exactly what I like.

I grew up in the Mennonite church with 4-part harmonies swirling around my ears, and my love of harmony is something that’s definitely still around. I’m always happiest when I’m singing. I began playing the piano at age 5, later picking up guitar and a bit of self-taught banjo and mandolin. Right now I’m pretty much a folk musician (I get a lot of comparisons to Feist and Joanna Newsom) although I’m game to try a myriad of different musical styles… who knows what the future holds! As Merival, I’ve released a free album and a free EP on my bandcamp ( which are fully downloadable. At the moment I’m lazily working on a new/old EP, as a way to sum up my last few years of solo music and pave the way for some new experiments.

My second love, next to music of course, is people! I love getting to know new people and exploring friendships, so feel free to keep in touch on twitter (@merival) and on my Merival Facebook page.

Happy musicing!!


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