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OtherPeoplesLivesHello everyone,

We are OtherPeoplesLives – a collective of musicians and music producers based in Leeds, U.K.

Our final form was found during the first sessions for our forthcoming debut E.P when Chris was engineering us as a four-piece, though the initial ‘founding’ was done between Peasey and James who spent quite some time searching for the right people to work with.

The whole reason for our existence is quite simple; we wanted to create thoughtful, textural and atmospheric music akin to what one could label somewhere around ‘Post-Rock’ and stretch it across more classically structured songwriting. We’re inspired particularly by contemporary artists like Tall Ships, Wild Beasts, Mutiny On The Bounty, Foals, Sigur Ros and (perhaps inevitably so) Radiohead.

As you can hopefully hear within our music, we take care with each of our individual contributions and pull things together over an initial template that comes from various places – either from an idea or demo Peasey touts around the other members that then gets deconstructed and rebuilt or just more organically in our rehearsal space from initial sketches that any of us have during jams together.

The very heart of the band is all five of us as a unit; Sam Ward’s versatile and imaginative playing of guitar, use of samplers and keys adding a further colour and character to songs, James Acornley’s deft and dynamic guitar style creating textural soundscapes, Bryce’s powerhouse style of drumming being the catalyst for our more visceral moments and Chris providing distinctive grooves within his bass playing – he is also a secret weapon in terms of production and often acts as something of a creative mediator. Oh, and I do a bit of singing about things I wrote down and play the more obnoxious guitar parts. (Peasey)

Matthew ‘Peasey’ Pease-Bower – Vocals/Lyrics/Guitars

James Acornley – Guitars/Backing Vocals

Bryce Gibson – Drums/Percussion

Sam Ward – Multi-Instrumentalist/Backing Vocals

Chris Siegel – Bass/Backing Vocals

Thank you for reading and a big thank you to AMBY for having us here!


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