Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Nai Harvest

Nai HarvestThe emo scene has been back in full swing after a group of successful musicians from the Northeast and Midwest United States have been putting out very strong albums and have been touring non-stop. Here at AMBY we’ve already interviewed two of the bands heading the scene; Dads and Pity Sex, and here’s the interview with the third. Nai Harvest are a two piece emo band from Sheffield, England who’ve been creating their own path with fast-paced, roaring emo across the pond. I caught with Nai Harvest to ask them about the band after the very successful Whatever, a full length LP that has excited the hearts of listeners the world over. Here is, Nai Harvest.

AMBY: Do you find it easier or harder to write as a two piece band?

Nai Harvest: We write well together but it’s here are definitely more limits as a two piece so you have to work around them.

AMBY: Nai Harvest is definitely the biggest emo band in the UK at the moment. What are some other bands you think listeners outside of the UK should know about?

Nai Harvest: Awwww thanks!  Wade, Gnarwolves, Playlounge, Best Friends, Hindsights.

AMBY: Did you except your LP, Whatever, to be so successful?

Nai Harvest: NOT AT ALL, shit’s crazy.

AMBY: Are you expecting to tour North America anytime soon?

Nai Harvest: Planning the US isn’t easy, but we’re slowly working on it.

AMBY: People have started to get Nai Harvest tattoos, on a scale of 1/10, how stoked are you guys about that?

Nai Harvest: I guess 10, ink’s forever baby.

AMBY: You guys are playing with Dads on November 29th, seeing how you both are emo duos can we expect some sort of band battle to go down on stage? If not, who do you think would win, Dads or Nai Harvest?

Nai Harvest: Dads would win, I reckon they’d play dirty. We’re just gunna play the same as always, and challenge them to a wresting match after

AMBY: What’s the best song of 2013?

Nai Harvest: Everything by Playlounge in 2013 and that new Yuck song Middle Sea is class.

AMBY: What’s something about Nai Harvest nobody knows?

Nai Harvest: We both have tiny dicks.


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