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For Every Story UntoldHey There! Lauren and Brian from For Every Story Untold writing in… We’re an orchestral space-rock band based out of New York that focuses our lyrics on supernatural elements such as ghosts and spooky things. We consider each of our songs to be a score to a story that someone might tell around a campfire. Our sound is influenced by so many different artists like The Verve, Catherine Wheel, Metric, Kent, Other Lives, Eisley & Spiritualized as well as the angelic voices like those of Susanne Sundfor (Who we’ll be playing with in September), Beth Gibbons, Nina Persson, Nicole Atkins, Hope Sandoval & Aimee Mann. Our single “I’ve Been Quiet Too Long” was written to accompany a story about a murder confession washing up inside a bottle on a beach. It will be featured on our upcoming debut album “In Memory Of” due out in fall of 2013. Hope you like it!!


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