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LUMMy name is Liam Sanagan, here are a few things about me: I live and work in Toronto, but am from a small town in Ontario and still prefer the space and solitude of places outside the city. As an artist, I like poetry without words – sounds, pictures, and situations alike. As a musician, I like the flow of language and simple phrases that carry a lot of meaning. In general, simple observations and contradictions are attractive to me.

My musical influences range from folk music to rap, and electronic production that creates a sense of space, like a soundscape. A lot of great electronic music does that these days and I tried to apply that to my folky songs a little bit on my album, Glass Hammer. I found direction with this album by thinking of myself, or the character singing the songs, as the ‘Last Folk Singer On Earth,’ a concept that allows me to explore some sci-fi themes in the production and visuals. The record becomes more cohesive and cinematic to me this way. Thanks for listening!


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