Getting Cozy With… Stax Osset!

Stax Osset Hello all you AMBY readers,

Once upon a time there was a girl, bored in her house on a summer’s night. Thankfully, her friend drove to her house with a Casio keyboard. A whole new musical project was born, inspired by dreams and summer nights and people who bring Casio keyboards to other people.

This is the true story of my project, Stax Osset. I’m based in Melbourne, Australia and I’ve been self-producing electronic music for about 9 months.

My influences are other Melbourne artists like Oscar Key Sung, Andras Fox and Chet Faker. I also love Grimes (who just happens to be Canadian!).

A live Stax Osset performance pretty much consists of me, my computer, a trigger pad, a synth and a mic with some luscious vocal effects. I’m a bit like a modern, dreamy one-man-band. I like it this way.

I’ve got another single coming out in October so keep your eyes and ears out.

Lots of love,


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