Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Up The Piano

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Like any hobby people usually start them for a reason; for example, you might take up a sport to lose weight and socialise with friends. The same comes with playing the piano, and there are many reasons that people do take up the piano. Read our list below and you may find one that sparks your interest, and could be a starting point for you to take it up in the future:

  1. Focussing Your Mind – Playing the piano requires you to be able to multi task and really use your mind. This increases your mental ability and can help you focus more easily; this can encourage brain development particularly amongst children.
  1. Improves Your Mood – Playing the piano can often be a relaxing activity and can help to act as a stress relief tactic. The concentration you have to use can often take your mind off any troubles you may have and, depending what piece you decide to play, it can often put you in a calming mood or help outlet any frustration.
  1. It Makes You Happier – It has been proven that playing a musical instrument can make children and adults more sociable and happier than those who don’t; if that isn’t a reason enough to start playing then I don’t know what is!
  1. It’s Fun – Playing the piano doesn’t have to be a chore; yes, it takes hard work and dedication but, once the work pays off, many people play simply for the joy and fun of playing.
  1. It’s A Great Skill – Learning the piano is a great skill to use for the future, whether you put it on your CV, you want to get into the music industry or you simply want to show that you are not afraid to try something new, it has some great benefits. Even though it might not seem relevant to your job, it shows that you’re willing to put in hard work and dedicate yourself to a task.
  1. It Can Give You Something To Talk About – Whether you want to be able to talk to your grandma about something, your children or even someone you have just been introduced to, you have something unique and interesting about yourself to mention and you can even hold your own in an intellectual conversation.
  1. Improves Your Confidence – By learning to play the piano you can improve your confidence dramatically. When playing in front of a teacher or family and friends they will often compliment you if you have played particularly well. This in turn helps your self-confidence improve, and can help you to play in front of a bigger audience.
  1. It Gives You A Chance To Perform – Unless you play an instrument or have some sort of talent, you never really have the chance to perform. Playing the piano gives you that opportunity and enables you to go further.
  1. Accompany Your Singing – There are a lot of people who love to sing and often need an instrument to sing along to. The piano is often a chosen instrument as the basics can be picked up relatively easily, and it can help teach you more about music theory in general.
  1. Opens You Up To A Community – By learning to play the piano you are introduced to a whole new community of other players and enthusiasts. It enables you to discuss and talk about all things piano related, make friends and may even give you the opportunity to explore new music or learn some tips from other musicians.

If any of these reasons has inspired you to play the piano, then you can thank me later! If you have your own reasons for wanting to play the piano then you shouldn’t let anything stop you; these benefits show that’s it’s really worth it.

This post was written by Ekta Mair, who after realising her love for playing the piano, purchased her very own Steinway piano from Coach House Pianos, where she was met with outstanding service and quality products. 

Coach House Pianos

2 thoughts on “Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Up The Piano

  1. These reasons are good and motivating.It makes me to play piano.It really sparks my interest.Thanks for sharing.

  2. I agree that one of the benefits of learning to play the piano is that it gives you something to share when talking with new people. My mom signed me up for piano lessons when I was nine years old. As I progressed, I started playing music from a variety of well known composers such as Bach, Beethoven, and Mendelssohn. This helped me be able to talk with other musicians about their classical works.

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