Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ American Authors

American AuthorsWith the release of their self-titled debut EP on August 27th (featuring tracks Best Day of My Life and Believer), American Authors‘ Zac Barnett spoke with A Music Blog, Yea? about upcoming covers, craziest moments, ultimate concert line-ups, and more. Between wanting to know about the members, their cover of Lorde’s Royals, and their wild and crazy ride as American Authors, we had plenty to ask the Brooklyn quartet. Check out our conversion here:

AMBY: Hello American Authors, what’s the band been up to lately?

American Authors: Our self titled EP is now available and were out on the road with Airborne Toxic Event! We went out to la the other day, played in the tonight show with jay Leno, took a red eye back to Brooklyn and now back out on tour. Staying busy!

AMBY: How would you describe each member of the band in one word?

American Authors: James-mountain, Matt-coffee, Dave-dawg town , Zac (me)- amazing

AMBY: Your debut EP was released on August 27th. Which songs are your favourite off the record?

American Authors: We’re really proud of all of them and each track is special to us. I think luck and home stand out a lot to our band because they show a different side of our music that people might be less familiar with.

AMBY: The band did a great cover of Lorde’s Royals. Can we expect any other covers in the near future?

American Authors: We love doing covers so it’s very possible! Any suggestions??

AMBY: The other day James wrote a very heartfelt message to your fans, talking about your “wild and crazy ride” as a band so far. This makes us wonder, what’s the craziest thing to happen to American Authors?

American Authors: Sky diving, cliff jumping, catching snakes, all our equipment falling out of the back of the van while on the freeway….so many memories! The Leno show the other day was pretty crazy though. Definitely a dream one true.

AMBY: Speaking of that message, what’s the best part of being in a band together?

American Authors: Writing, performing and sharing your art with each other, friends, family, and fans. It’s so cool to see when our music has a positive impact on people.

AMBY: Who would be in your ultimate concert line-up?

American Authors: Paul McCartney (the Beatles if possible), Imagine Dragons, The Mowglis, Justice, and us? So many bands to choose!

AMBY: Music stimulates a variety of senses; do any senses stand out as triggers to inspire your music?

American Authors: We’re inspired by so much that happens in our daily lives. From life’s daily struggles to personal dreams and aspirations. The world will never be a perfect place but it’s still important to do what you love in life and chase your dreams (as corny as it may sound).

AMBY: What did you listen to growing up, and what have you been listening to lately?

American Authors: I’ve always been into what’s new and current coming out. My first cassettes I got in second grade were Weezer’s Blue Album, Nirvana’s In Utero, and 2pac’s All Eyez On Me. I really like the new Bastille and 1975 albums a lot. Royal Teeth and Volcano Choir released great albums this summer too.

AMBY: What’s the best song of the year?

American Authors: Best Day of My Life by American Authors duh! Ha.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about American Authors that nobody knows yet?

American Authors: We’re obsessed with Duck Dynasty! Si Robertson from the show recently wrote us a letter congratulating us on the tonight show. Pretty much made my summer!


Thank you American Authors, for giving us your answers!

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