Concert Review // Magic Man @ Lee’s Palace

Magic Man // Lee’s Palace // 09.14.13

Magic Man

If you’re looking for a show that can help you lose weight and burn some calories, then going to a Magic Man concert is just for you (maybe their name was inspired by “Herbal Magic”…ha?…I’m no comedian). With their upbeat electro-indie-pop sound, it’s hard not to dance along with them. Especially with the energy they project throughout the whole venue. I’m surprised Lee’s Palace didn’t just explode into a room filled with bubbles, candy, confetti and little leprechauns jumping off the stage.

The best thing about Magic Man is that they know how to put on a show. It’s like they created a perfect recipe of how to perform live.

Alex, on vocals, sure can sing. Once he starts to sing, he can pull you into his world. And the energy that man has…I’m pretty sure he’s made up of pop rocks. The dance moves he has makes me ashamed of myself. Thankfully no one can really see me dancing in the audience, I think.

Sam, on guitar, knows what he’s doing. The sound that he can generate out of his guitar just adds even more umph. I was in awe of the things he was doing to that guitar.

Daniel, on bass, with that beard, you know he can slap that bass, man. Leave it to the professionals.

One of my favourite things about Magic Man is the beautiful sound that comes out of the keyboard/synthesizer. That’s from the help from the lovely and lucky only-girl-in-the-group, Justine. Without her, I don’t think Magic Man could be complete. The sound she creates is the base of being able to dance to their songs. Side note: she had the cutest outfit on.

Last and definitely not least, there’s Joey on the drums. As a drummer myself, a horrible one that is, all I can say is “Thoughts on giving any lessons in Toronto?” With these band members, this band will boldly go where no ‘Magic Man’ has gone before (any Star Trek fans here?).

I was lucky enough to get to meet Daniel and Sam after they performed. They are definitely the nicest people ever. The best thing about meeting them was that they wanted to get to know you, and that’s the easiest way to connect with fans. After just talking to them for a short while, I wanted to become best friends with them. I can only imagine what it’s like meeting the rest of the band.

Not only did Magic Man win my heart (even though they already had it), the response that they have been getting on twitter after their Toronto show (and their other shows) has been great. An overwhelming amount of compliments have been pouring in and they have been non-stop replying to their fans and giving back the love. (Follow them on twitter:

Overall, the best thing about their performance was that it was fun. They leave you smiling for days…I’m still smiling like a fool. I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my Saturday night. If you’re looking for a band that can somehow share a connection with you even though you’ve never met them in your life, suck you in, make you forget about the world for a while and take your breath away, then Magic Man is the one for you. The experience watching Magic Man perform live is truly magical.

Tiffany Lee

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  1. I cannot wait for the Gospel tour! It’s seriously all of my favorite bands on one tour. Magic Man’s album “You Are Here” is one of my all-time favorites.

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