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cfitHi AMBY readers, we’re cfit from Dublin, Ireland.  Originally, we were a side project which existed only in recorded form (mostly achieved in various bedrooms), but when people started liking our first album, Triage, we formed a band.  We’ve played gigs with anything from two to seven people on stage, and with the expansive structures of our songs, the extra numbers can be pretty necessary.  We made a rule early on that we wouldn’t ever restrain a song from going where it wanted to go just to make it easier (or possible) to play live, and darned if we haven’t stuck with it.

We have so many influences, (dozens of which can be heard in every song we have committed to tape), that it would be madness to list them all here.  We always wanted to approach songs and albums like the Coen Brothers approach film – where you can see the hundreds of little reference points, all in the service of a singular voice.  Up top would probably be dEUS, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, Postal Service, Arcade Fire, pixies, Elbow, The National.  Oh, and the Wilco documentary “I am Trying to Break Your Heart” was pretty inspirational, and definitely informs the deconstruct/reconstruct approach we have to our recordings, (which is also useful in slowly driving other band members insane).  We are also lyric obsessives.  Or maybe just obsessives in general.

Anyways, our new EP, Morning Bruise came out on September 2, and available through  Please check it out and feel free to get in touch with us on twitter or facebook, we’d love to hear what you think.

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  1. Elliott Smith, The Postal Service, and The National – That is one damn good list of influences, and I’ve really enjoyed ‘Spitefuck.’ Can’t wait to hear more!

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