Getting Cozy With… The Grinning Ghosts!

The Grinning GhostsTo Whom It May Concern:
(Please read in a 1940’s News Man’s voice)
Oh hey there (Sonny or Sandra)-Jim, 
Them Grinning Ghost boys hail from sunny sunny Orange County, Californ-y but those songs say otherwise, casting a shadow clear from Seal Beach to Albuquerque. 
Way-back-when, things got hot and to dodge the heat Thomas and Daryl high-tailed it to the coolest place they knew– to seek refuge in the shadow of The King– Graceland. As they walked those hallowed halls all signs pointed to rock ‘n’ roll. But the cake wasn’t baked, the tin was still hot, and they were short a drummer. D.J. proved a though pear to pick so they pitter-pattered down the lost highway back to those sun kissed orchards called home. 
With the noose securely around their neck and the world kicking the horse, they scoured every dive and Del Taco for a sufficiently miscreant-soaked time keeper in desperate need of desperation. Incidentally, one such man would find them. After catching whispered mentions of them in various wanted posters found around the lists, Adam saddled the horse and joined the band. 
Now, fully armed, they’ve gone on to open shows for the likes of Jail, The Memories, and Cosmonauts as well as releasing a demo/EP of criminally performed songs called “Pastiche Depressionism”. Authorities are perplexed as to the demo’s title due to the group’s well-known reputation as anti-pastiche inflation-apologists and speculate that this may indeed be a deployment of irony. No matter the case, however, authorities vow to bring this crusade of malice and idiocy to a close. 
The Grinning Ghosts insist that they’ll never be taken alive and vow to record a debut LP in a couple months. 
How this will all unfold only time will tell but one thing is certain: nobody knows what’s going to happen to nobody. 
Boscom Revelry
Law Man Extraordinaire


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