Getting Cozy With… Jake Sorgen!

Jake SorgenHello out there,

           It’s a pleasure to spend this time getting cozy with you.

           So here’s the deal: I began my musical journey playing saxophone, attracted at a young age to Anthony Braxton, John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman and others in the avant-garde, or free jazz, vein. While still in high school, I backed away from the saxophone and performing music and took some time to look at other things. I worked at some radio stations, went to college and studied literature and writing. But it was hard to stay away. I began playing guitar and dove deep into various folk musics and songwriting traditions. My first album, Sudden Myth, was released in 2012.

            Not only has music been a hard habit to shake, but those sounds and approaches that hooked me as a kid charge on. On my new album, In Transit, I’ve steered away from the popular Americana sounds making deep tracks in mainstream music these days and embraced—both in writing and performance—a more “open” sound, dubbed in the studio as “Euro-cana” which I think works well as a simplified description.

            These days the saxophone is back in my arsenal right alongside the guitar as I continue trying to find new ways to tell these stories. In addition to In Transit’s release on September 3rd, I’m about to head back into the studio for an instrumental project and new songs are flowing all the time.

Thanks for taking this time to say hey, or at least listening to me do it! Enjoy the music and keep on listening.




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