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Señor FínHey AMBY

We’re Señor Fin, a quartet from Denton, Texas. Our music sounds like rock inspired by everything else that music has to offer. We’re all obsessed with The Dirty Projectors, Frank Ocean, Mac Demarco, Wilco, Grizzly Bear, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Deerhoof, Kendrick Lamar, Coltrane, The Beatles, Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, St. Vincent, James Blake, and many more. We live in a big house together, with our coffee lab and a kitty named Margeaux. When we’re not making music we’re probably out shooting hoops or playing Carcassonne or Settlers of Catan. We used to share groceries, but times have changed… now all we share is the refrigerator, ice cold baby, I told you ice cold…

We’ve played a bunch of shows around Texas, and just came back from the west coast. We came really close to Canada (Bellingham, WA), but unfortunately we didn’t get to experience the great vibes y’all have up there. We put out an hour long album last Christmas titled “Underneath,” and we’re about to release a new one titled “Spinning Circles.” It’ll be out on October 23rd. All of our music is free online. Come to Texas some time and we’ll hang hard.

-Jesse M, Jesse B, Ronan D, and Mason L (Señor Fin)


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