You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Scenester”

Nankeens Ever since Adam Darby sent me a sneak preview of The Nankeens next single Scenester I’ve not been able to stop listening to it. It may only have been a rough demo, with the master yet to be cut, but it was pretty clear from the off what a great track this was going to be. Whilst it’s not the first time I’ve heard the song listening to it not only reminds me of the times I’m lucky enough to have heard it live, but it takes me right back there Scenester really captures the energy of a Nankeens live performance and that’s definitely something worth checking out.

If you’ve heard previous tracks by the band you’ll notice a real difference with this one, it’s heavier and gritty with a much faster pace which suits the band perfectly. Reaper may have initially been the track that got me interested in The Nankeens, but Scenester is definitely the track to launch the band to that important next level with it already receiving substantial radio play.

Ahead of the single launch at The Deaf Institute I caught up with Adam to find out exactly what Scenester is all about,

“Basically the song came out of frustration of people not having their own opinions and relying on what the magazines or Dj’s etc say and then pretending they actually know what they’re talking about. Rather than actively going out and watching bands new and established and then deciding they will just jump on the band wagon when they haven’t even seen them and probably don’t even own an album”

One of the things I love about The Nankeens is not only do they sound better and better each time I see them perform their songs have real meaning and substance, they don’t write just for the sake of it. Their songs are stories based on events and experiences which is one of the reasons I feel a real connection with their music so much that and the fact they sound fricking awesome live. Don’t be a Scenester and just take my word for it get out there download the track and catch the band live. Don’t wait until you hear the hype be a part of their success and catch a great band in a small venue whilst you can.

The Nankeens launch Scenester tonight at Manchester’s The Deaf Institute with the track being released by local label Scruff Of The Neck Records on iTunes.  Support comes from Skinny Roller and The Relays if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket you’re in for a great night if not you’ll probably going to miss out on another of those I was there nights people will talk about for years to come.

Fi Carroll @Dirtyroknroller

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