Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Racoon Wedding

The Racoon WeddingThe Racoon Wedding released their third full-lengh album Raccoon Dead On the Side of the Road on Tuesday the 17th. This Brantford quintet fill their music with warm, gospel-like harmonies and soothing, airy horns, and love “harmonies, time changes, and making fun of ourselves.” Luckily for us, we had the chance of catching up with the band to talk about the record. Take a look!

AMBY: Hello The Racoon Wedding, what’s the band been up to recently?

The Racoon Wedding: We’re finally getting to that time of year where we can just play lots of shows, and not worry about anything else. We spent months waiting for our LPs and Cds in press, in hopes that they would be ready for September, and after weeks of set backs, and incorrect masters, we received them.

AMBY: How would you describe your sound to those unfamiliar with your music?

The Racoon Wedding: We are a rough around the edges rock band. But not, rock rock, more like folk rock. But not folk. You know? We love horns, harmonies, time changes, and making fun of ourselves.

AMBY: How did The Racoon Wedding come to be?

The Racoon Wedding: Tim Ford (guitar and vocals) and Jesse Shanks (drums) had just finished up with their band ‘The Vermicious Knid, and decided to change their musical direction. They recruited Scott Willson (organ/violin/vocals), Andrew Ayerhart (trumpet) and Tyler Springall (bass/vocals) to put together a big sound, fun, party group. A group that would/could do whatever kind of music came their way. Shawn St Thomas (trombone) was later added to fill out the big sound.

Having Brantford’s THE FORD PLANT at their fingertips, they spent countless nights in the alcohol soaked basement of the legendary venue, writing song after song, until coming out with their first release “GATHER GATHER BONES RATTLE RATTLE TRUTH”.

AMBY: Where did the name The Racoon Wedding originate from?

The Racoon Wedding: The story is cloudy for me at the time, seeing as Tim told me it drunk, but, as far as I know, its a direct co relation to our time in downtown brantford and the abundance of racoons. Not to mention our lack of love life.

AMBY: What’s the songwriting process like between the five of you?

The Racoon Wedding: The process has changed in the years. Going from strict ideas, to open concepts. Sometimes the song will be written on piano, sometimes guitar, sometimes it could just be a simple melody that the horns take over. New time signatures, and new instruments have helped us mature our songs, and take us out of our comfort zone.

AMBY: Your single All I Need is a great folk track. What inspired it?

The Racoon Wedding: I suppose lots of things. We are a tight nit group of 6 guys, who put our time together a priority, we write these songs, and spend countless hours trying to make them perfect for our following. Inevitably though, all we really want / need is our music, our friends, and to play a fun show.

AMBY: Your upcoming album Raccoon Dead On the Side of the Road comes out on September 17th. What’s the story behind the album’s title?

The Racoon Wedding: Well we like calling ourselves racoons. And our album title is a pretty normal occurrence in Brantford, and something that we can all relate to. Not sure if there’s a story, more just a look into the future of our band.


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