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Kashmere Club
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G’day ‘A Music Blog, Yea?’ and readers.

We are Melbourne 3-piece, Kashmere Club! Oh whoops, I quickly need to use a word pertaining to our genre so that you don’t get to the end of this paragraph and realise you have just been reading about an acid-country-dub-folk act (though that would probably be worth reading).

It’s OK though because we probably fall under the common Rock and Blues labels.

Made up of down-to-earth farming-district lads; Billy O’Connell, Nathan Johnston and Jono Colliver, we have been quite active in the Melbourne scene over the last 2 years.

Our journey through the local sweat soaked pubs and clubs came to a head earlier this year when one of our childhood idols, Chris Cheney of Aussie Rock royalty, The Living End, attended one of our shows.

After watching us slog through our usual energetic set of raw, honest and guitar laden songs, Chris arranged for us to record our 2nd EP with him as the Producer.

‘Reunion’, the current single of the ‘Lost & Sound’ EP is testament to our unforgettable event studio experience. As the title suggests, It’s a song about re-uniting with someone from your childhood, a lot later in life when you’re ‘old and grey’. We hope you like it!

Billy, Nath and Jono.



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