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Mark MathewsGood Morning A Music Blog, Yea? and all your friends.

My my, you’re all looking splendid. I especially like what you’ve done with your hair.

Me? Oh I’m a singer/songwriter from the UK. I’m originally from a place called Maidstone in Kent. It’s often referred to as the Garden of England, but then people talk a lot of bollocks don’t they?

What sort of stuff do I write? Well, I’m glad you asked. I write Indie Pop songs with a kind of folky edge. If you can imagine Paul Mcartney taking Steve Marriott out to meet his friends, Noel Gallagher and Ryan Adams, you’re kind of onto the sort of sounds I am making.

And yes, I do have stuff coming up! Golly, you’re an insightful bunch aren’t you? I’ve just finished a heavy Summer of gigs and festivals so september will be relatively quiet but the Autumn bookings are happening and it will start up again in October, beginning with some Oxjam dates in London, which are charity gigs for Oxfam. I’ve recorded another 8 tracks and one of these will be released as a free download very soon, as a thank you to everyone that has supported me and bought my music, which can be bought from Itunes and Amazon and all those other internet music stores.

Anyway, I shan’t keep you any longer but do stay in touch as it has been wonderful meeting you all. If you want me to play near you drop me a line, or just come by and say Hi and let me know how you got your hair cut looking so cool.

See ya!


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