Getting Cozy With… Doc Foster Band!

Doc Foster BandYou can either choose concerts from your favorite magazines and culture supplements. Go ahead, they’ll make your night. Or you can go just one step further, make a turn right into that fucked-up backstreet and follow the muffed basses and the stench. You’ll follow the sound. The sounds that reminds you of Alice’s fat caterpillar. The sounds that hypnotize you. They’ll lead you into a filthy backyard. There you’ll find you’ve never looked for and never even wanted. But you’ll stay. You’ll stay because your needs this rhythm. Because you can no longer resist that voodoo trash orgy. That’s the sound that fits the frame. This is the Doc Foster Band.

The Band consists of four Greek ex-porn actors. Morbid pulchritude, psychedelic sound and constant masquerade. Their concept: repulsion. It’s a audiovisual self-experiment – VHS style, grinding guitar effects and a subversive sense of humor – it is their inherent carnival soundtrack.

Where you’re pampered in bands you’ll search for spikes. Leipzig got the Doc Foster Band. In that backyard there is only grunting and smacking. Terrific!

The video release of “Loiterer” (7″ Vinyl) is the crowning finale of the first season of the Doc Tapes; a documentary about the band and the Leipzig’s independent scene. To be continued.


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Alicia Atout

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