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Amazing RadioI thought I’d kick off as a contributor to A Music Blog, Yea? by writing a few words about one of my favourite radio stations, which is based in the UK but has a global reach – Amazing Radio. It’s a great station for discovering new music whether you’re in a band or not. But if you are a musician it provides a good route for radio play. Just upload your track to the sister site to stream, as a free download or as a paid download (you keep 100% of proceeds) and see what happens.

First you might get picked up and championed by one of their diverse range of DJ talent – if you’re lucky you might go straight on to the playlist. Or you might have to audition against other bands in a public vote from a show broadcast on Mondays which is great exposure if you don’t win. And on Friday there is a request hour where anything can get played – why not get a friend to throw in a cheeky request for you.

And don’t just leave it with uploading your track. The Amazing Radio Top 40 is determined not just by radio play or downloads, but by social interactions including likes, shares, streams, adds to users’ playlists, new fans etc. You can chart even without airplay – and you’ll get that once you’re on (as well as featuring on a high profile list of new talent to an influential audience of broadcasters, PRs, bloggers and record companies). And put your gigs on for a shout out on air.

Amazing Radio is online and on DAB in London and Dublin, with a handy app that syncs to a timezone of your choosing. Don’t overlook it as something too small to matter – think of it as a building block to greater exposure and a place where some of today’s top bands have started out (se, e.g. Alt-J). You may not become a hit overnight but you can be sure of one thing – if your tune isn’t up at it won’t get played!

Gavin Watson | @watsongc

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