You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Repave”

Repave by Volcano Choir

Volcano Choir

Singer-Songwriter Justin Vernon has more musical projects than we can count. This still doesn’t stop him from making music with Bon Iver, collaborating with rapper Kanye West a handful of times, or taking a bit of time out of the spotlight with lesser-known side project Volcano Choir. Let me first say that I regret listening to Repave as my first album from Volcano Choir. Unlike the release of quieter and more intimate “Unmap” in ’09, “Repave” carries a brighter and more fuller sound than it’s predecessor did. If you are looking for something that does remind you of Bon Iver’s sound then the song “Tiderays” is right up your alley starting off with a main acoustic guitar riff that seems like it belongs on Bon Iver’s self- titled LP and a gradual bass drum that steadily pounds and kicks, yet piano and vocal harmonies seem in the distance throughout. Justin’s lyrics also dwell heavily on nostalgia and past relationships in songs like “Comrade”, and “Acetate” which almost come off as an effort to help the listener connect the melody as they sit near a crackling fire.

Cedric Casimier | @ccasimier18

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