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Sacco and VanzettiGreetings people of Canada and AMBY?’s international readers!

We’re Sacco & Vanzetti, a sextet based outta Denton, TX. Often, we describe our music as elegy and interior-rock, meaning that it’s pretty and anxious and full of noise and pop and contradictory impulses. Peeps say our sound is influenced by the delicate production of Grizzly Bear and the brute rhythms of Animal Collective. We think our new EP “Ghost” represents our sound kinda well. You can check it out on Bandcamp and Spotify if you’d like.

We’ve got six members now, two of which are brothers and the chief producers/songwriters/wall-of-sound-inducing-guitarists for the band (Sam & Marcus Coronado), two of which are in a band called Señor Fín (our bassist Jesse Ramos Botello and third guitarist Jesse Miller), a dedicated drummer (Jordan Jenkins [or Eastwood, as we sometimes call him] the good-looking member/the snazzy dresser/the sharp one), and a keyboardist/Ableton whiz (Adam Belcher).

We like recording and mixing our own music, using dynamics, and being involved in documenting the Denton, TX, music scene. We hope to play in your area soon…soon…

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