Getting Cozy With… The Ivory Drips!

The Ivory Drips
Photo by Lachlan Nicholls


We’re The Ivory Drips. 3 guys from Sydney, Australia who want to unite the world through music and shoot rainbows out of cats asses and all that shit.

Nah, not really… we just love making music and we hope you dig it!

We have just let loose our debut single + video clip “Neither Seen, Nor Heard”, which we have put a lot of love into. Weird stalker sort of love that finds you setting fire to your ex-girlfriends lawn on a weeknight. Trust us; she’ll love you for it.

The incredible production behind this single is thanks to Casual Psychotic (bullshit-amazing-producer-extraordinaire) who also rubbed his charming stank all over our EP “Brilliant Animal” which will be assaulting your senses in the near future.

We are planning on pissing in the sink of numerous venues across Australia to support the release of this EP.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks and well done. We hope you dig the new single!


The Ivory Drips xo

PS. No cats were harmed in the making of this letter

PSS. If you happen to have any spare cats floating around, send them our way. They’re an invaluable currency…


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