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Texture & LightMy name is Trevor Refix. I’m the man behind the indie dream rock band Texture & Light.

Up until this year, Texture & Light was strictly my solo recording project – one that kept changing names and evolving in bursts in my spare time – while I balanced city life, my job, and my sanity. It has now evolved into a live band consisting of five members – myself on vocals, guitar, and synth, Clare Mervyn on bass, Kevin Turpin on lead guitar, Tony Colton on synths, and Lyell Woloschuk on electronic percussion. Our music combines elements of my eclectic sonic upbringing – 12 years of Djing deep house, a decade or so of collecting indie rock records, and an unhealthy teenage obsession with Nine Inch Nails. I like to say that it’s indie music for the dance floor and electronic music for the bedroom.

Fragments of the songs on The Hard Problem of Consciousness existed as early as 2007, but it wasn’t until I moved from Vancouver to Powell River – a small, isolated and beautiful west coast town – in 2011 that I actually had the time to put serious energy into the project. The very idea of leaving the city behind and embracing change, these play a starring role on the album. I’m surrounded by a wealth of creative people in Powell River. That inspired me, too.

We are busy re-imagining these songs for a live setting – shows will begin in early 2014. We’re really excited about that. Taking this project out of my head, out of the studio and on to the road is a dream come true – the fact that I get to do it with good friends is even better.

Maybe we’ll meet you there.


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