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Real Life CharmDear ‘A Music Blog, Yea?’ readers,

Firstly, congratulations on having such wonderful taste in blogs. Kudos, kudos.

We’re ‘Real Life Charm’, an eight piece pop band from several cities in the UK. ‘Charm’ is made up of several artists, film makers, musicians (obviously) and illustrators, all of which contribute to what you’re seeing in front of you today. I hope you like it. It’s not the conventional way of approaching this music industry lark I suppose – we didn’t really have the money to pay other designers or illustrators or film makers, so done it all ourselves. Even recording and producing the E.P.

Adam and I (TP Hyland) met at Norwich university of arts. He was studying illustration and I was studying film and everybody took themselves very seriously and filled bathtubs with water and called it art. The rest of us met through friends of friends and came together in hopes we’d all click. Thankfully we all did and we became the best of friends almost immediately. We wrote and practised the songs you shall soon all hear and recorded them in a studio where Frank (keyboards/vocals) works.I don’t think he had permission to be there because security guards kept peering into the windows and he made us go to the toilet in empty water bottles. We slept on an extremely uncomfortable floor and ate reduced sandwiches from petrol stations. This was our lives for a year, until eventually we finalised something we were happy with.

Adam and I met up for several drinks and talked about several concepts we could both loosely follow in order to encompass my film making, his illustration and our music. Eventually, we decided on a concept which we hope will start to make sense over the course of a few months. We hope to make a book and continue in this pattern for our next record. Combining illustration and music and film is actually really fun.

A lot of people have said our music is like Youth Lagoon and Alt J, but I like to think we sound like Talk Talk. We don’t, but that keeps me happy. Anyways, we’d absolutely love for you to listen to our single, watch our video, enjoy our artwork. Like us on Facebook if you do. Follow us on twitter.

Anyways, from a cold flat in England to where ever you are at the moment, thank you for giving us your time and I really hope you enjoy our output.

Real Life Charm.


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