You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Let’s Move In”

EtchesI often pick up new acts just from Twitter tips, which have given old local word of mouth buzz a potential global reach. I was alerted to Etches by a single tweet from Xfm’s Hattie Pearson which simply said: “You will like them”.

Of course Hattie is also their new manager so she would say that, wouldn’t she?! But I’ve given them a listen and indeed I do like them. “Let’s Move In” is a slow track that quickly builds around an electronic riff, with occasional bursts of guitar but the real instrument to the fore is the lead singer’s rich baritone voice. It would be trite to add that this gives the track a real 80’s feel, but the combination is a lot fresher than that.

I know very little about the band – a 51 second YouTube clip did not expand my knowledge base. All I know is that they are 5 musicians currently based in Liverpool. But I suspect with their music and the contacts their manager has we will be hearing a lot more of Etches in the weeks and months ahead.

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Gavin Watson | @watsongc

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