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Wet NunsOctober 3rd marked the beginning of Wet NunsUK Tour. Before the release of their debut self-titled record (coming out October 7th), A Music Blog, Yea? spoke with Wet Nuns’ Robert Graham to chat about their single Hanging, packing bones into boxes, and the ultimate rock and roll song.

AMBY: Hello Robert from Wet Nuns, how are you doing and what have you been up to lately?

Wet Nuns: I’m great thank you. How are you? I’ve been travelling around a little bit lately. And generally we’re gearing up for our album release and for the tour. Rehearsing and making sure we’re in peak physical condition.

AMBY: The band tries “to invent new labels constantly.” So, how would you describe your sound today?

Wet Nuns: We’ve been Prada, we’ve been Levis, we’ve been Gucci. I’m saying we’re heading for a Fruit of the Loom kind of direction at the moment. Then maybe we’ll sort of go for Primark.

AMBY: Your debut EP Broken Teeth is loud and crazed in the best of ways. What were the main inspirations behind the EP?

Wet Nuns: I think we’re inspired by quite a wide pool of things. Those songs on that EP are all pretty full on. You can probably hear the influences in them. We just wanted to make a kind of showcase of where we initially were coming from at the time.

AMBY: This year has been busy as the band’s played some festival dates across the country. What’s been one of the best moments while on tour?

Wet Nuns: The best moments on tour are always the gigs themselves. I’d say we’re actually pretty tame and boring offstage. Nothing really beats the elation of performing. Spending a weekend in a sweaty oven like splitter van with our friends Black Moth was one of my highlights. We all lost our minds, but it was awesome.

AMBY: On the topic of touring, the Wet Nuns UK Tour kicks off on October 3rd. As of right now, what’s your favourite song to play live?

Wet Nuns: I really like to play the newer songs. They’re more challenging, so in a selfish way i like to get all involved in that nerdy instrument stuff. But there’s not much better than being able to stand and look out and see people losing their shit too.

AMBY: What inspired the new, energetic single Hanging?

Wet Nuns: Well the sound kind of just happened. The vibe is just a progression of everything that’s come before. Lyrically, it’s kind of about just sort of invading someone’s life, with all the good intentions in the world, and then realising you’re maybe causing more of a problem than anything else.

AMBY: Your self-titled full-length album is due for release on October 7th. What can fans expect to hear from the record?

Wet Nuns: I think the record is a nice balance of stuff that people may be fairly familiar with. Similar in ‘vibe’ to the stuff we’ve put out before. We’ve been playing a few of the tunes on there for quite a long time live. Then there’s some stuff that’s maybe a little beyond that. Not to a dangerous level or anything. There’s no 45 minute conceptual epic on there. But we pushed into a few areas we haven’t been to before.

I’m looking forward to seeing people’s reactions to those parts of the record.

Wet NunsAMBY: Who came up with the idea to pack bones into boxes, and what was the real concept or drive behind doing this?

Wet Nuns: It was a group decision. It’s just a little gift for you people. Obviously it’s to provoke a reaction too. So by asking this question you’ve given us what we wanted. Hah. I dunno why we did it really. It’s just a bit of attention seeking fun.

AMBY: What’s the ultimate rock and roll song?

Wet Nuns: At the moment my ultimate rock and roll tune is ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)’ off of Abbey Road. I just can’t get enough of that mega outro. And Lennon never gives you the last ‘Heaveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey’. I love that lack of release.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Wet Nuns that nobody knows yet?

Wet Nuns: We secretly hate each other and are imminently going break up and kill everyone we know.


Thank you Wet Nuns, for giving us your answers!

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