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Hey, SleeperI’m Luke, I write and sing songs under the name Hey, Sleeper. My sister Bethany sweetens the sound at most gigs, with her violin and classically trained singing. We grew up in Berkshire, England in a house filled with music from Beethoven to Miles Davis to Led Zeppelin, and as a result music has always been a major part of our lives. Having been involved in the music industry, I have no wild expectations or hopes to make this my day job – I just enjoy being able to take the time to sit down with my guitar and make something new, and when people pick up on it or get in touch to talk about it, it’s an extra bonus. Writing is something I just do; I try not to analyse it, over-think it or attach some great meaning to the lyrics. My work involves driving thousands of miles each year, and as a result many of my songs get been written in the car, so I often have to sing them over and over until I can find somewhere to park and write the words down. I am more comfortable recording than playing live, but I’m not into polishing songs until they sparkle; it works for some artists but not me. Most of the songs I record are done on the first take – a few are largely improvised – although I tend to spent a lot of time trying to get the sound as close to ‘right’ as possible before I start playing. One of the songs on ‘Gone For Ten Fingers’ features the sound of my wife dropping things in the kitchen while she was cooking a roast – I didn’t know it was in there until I listened back to it, but there’s something nice about the sound of a metal spoon hitting the floor, and she makes a great roast.


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