Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Reva

RevaI’ve been keeping tabs on Reva for a while now so I when I heard they were playing alongside The Fallows and Twisted Wheel at Liverpool’s Korova I knew I was in for a good night. Reva certainly didn’t disappoint keen to find out a bit more I had a chat with lead singer Lewis Cromby.

AMBY: For anyone unfamiliar with Reva tell us about the origins of the band who you are and story behind your name?

LC: I think we were bored of the same old stuff really and wanted a change more than anything. Me, Luke and Jake got guitars one Christmas and Calum joined and bought a kit a year later, we messed around for a few years but started the band seriously back in March. The name came from a football team we played for as kids called Reva FC.

AMBY: How would you describe the band’s sound?

LC: I don’t know really we all have different influences so a song will be bought into practice and everyone will throw their part on it, when it’s finished it always seems to sound like a part of the family so to speak.

AMBY: Earlier this year you released the EP Modern Times what’s next in terms of releases?

LC: Another EP is on the cards, I think we’re 4/6ths of the way through it. It’s slightly darker than the first one and a bit more mature lyric wise. We’re hoping to start recording it in late November, possibly release one of the songs as a single first.

AMBY: I’ve had Justice stuck in my head since hearing it live last week, it’s a great track what’s the story behind it?

LC: It was the first song we had for the ‘Modern Times’ EP and until it was recorded we thought it was the weakest track, I think at one point it was getting dropped from the record altogether, we couldn’t believe how much people took to it. Having Anfield play it was quality too for the last game of the season I think it’s been played a few times since then as well. The meaning behind the song is just about living in Liverpool and the things you say and feel day to day, it was Jake who come up with the idea of picking up the echo and writing a song about the front page which happened to be a story about a group of young lads burning down a church, so it kind of flowed from there really!

AMBY: Where can we catch Reva live?

LC: Next gig will be the 8th November at Korova the gig is free so get in touch for tickets via @wearereva.

AMBY: What would your dream gig be?

LC: Haven’t really got one, nothing better than selling out your own show they’re the best ones.

AMBY: What bands are you listening to at the moment?

LC: It change ages on a day to day basis, today I’ve been listing to the Arctic’s new stuff, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Drakes new album.

AMBY: What’s been your favourite album of 2013?


AMBY: What do you get up to outside of music for fun?

LC: Football some of us are big footy fans that’s our weekend, some of work, Uni just the usual things lads who are 20 do!

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Reva that nobody knows yet?

LC: None of us can actually play our instruments properly!


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Reva are back at Korova November 8th in the meantime you can listen to them right here:

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