Getting Cozy With… Vita Bergen!

Vita Bergen is a Swedish indie rock band founded in 2010 in the coastal city of Gothenburg. Here are some words from founding members Robert Jallinder and William Hellström (pictured).

VITA BERGEN Greetings readers,

We are Vita Bergen. We started our band three years ago when we came back home to Gothenburg after having lived in Stockholm for a couple of years. It was the year William started writing all his songs in A minor and the year of Robert’s Dylan psychosis. It was also the year everyone seemed to be laughing out of time. Needless to say, the timing was perfect.

Now three years have passed, and after having spent three summers writing songs in an old watermill and countless hours of recording in William’s attic bedroom, Vita Bergen has recently set out playing live shows in Sweden. The band has grown from just us two to an eight-piece mini orchestra involving every hometown friend we know who can handle a musical instrument. We are really happy with the way things are going.

As you might have guessed the band name Vita Bergen is Swedish. It translates “The White Mountains” and was conceived by William as a symbol of the many barren islands of the southern Gothenburg archipelago that can be seen from a hilltop behind his childhood home. To Robert it represents a snowy dream and something he once heard in a funeral speech.

We feel very grateful to be presented to a Canadian audience since Canadian music and musicians make up the foundation pillars of the band’s influences. Inspiration from acts like Wolf Parade, Arcade Fire, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen has been absolutely essential for the development of our music. We even named our little record company in honor of the Spencer Krug song “Dinner Bells”. It was our “if-we-had-a-band-we-would-try-to-sound-like-that”-song when we started out three years ago. Of course we’re still not even close, but that’s another story.

Our self-produced debut album “The City Sleeps” will be launched on all digital venues in October 2013. Until then, feel free to give the single “A Picture of Before” a listen. And please download and share if you want to. We would be thrilled to get some Canadian listeners so we can go to Montreal this December and dance the telephone dance.

Facebook // SoundCloud //  Twitter: We just created our account. Please follow us, we look lonely.


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