Concert Review // The Dodos @ Lee’s Palace

The Dodos // Lee’s Palace // 24.09.13The DodosThe Dodos are a Frisco band—imagine a blend of Fleet Foxes and Band of Horses— headed by Meric Long (vocals, guitar) and Logan Koeber (drummer). Since 2005, they’ve been prolific in their music making, releasing five albums and one EP.

As part of their 2013 North American tour in support of Carrier (2013), The Dodo’s played Toronto’s Lee’s Palace on September 24th. The audience was mellow for much of the set, making it easy to take in the show elbows-on-stage and to notice the nuances of the performance: Long played the guitar (electric and acoustic) pick-less, while Kroeber could often be caught mouthing the words of the songs as he nailed the rolling drum lines.

Though much of their set was made up of recent releases, a favourite from Visitors (2007) also made it onto the setlist as the encore. At only a half minute into “Fools,” a gentle moshing started: one friend crashed into another, the people surrounding those friends joined in, and the effect bloomed outwards until the first five rows were in something close to a crushing hug type of mosh pit.

Long sang out the last line—“I’ve been, I’ve been silent”—and the audience seemed to take it as a cue to settle back down, mellow out, and let The Dodo’s brilliant performance calmly sink in.

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