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Birds With ThumbsWHAT UP!

We’re Birds With Thumbs, 3 dudes from Sydney, Australia and we play Surf/Skate punk for a living (lolz na we’re uni students). Tim plays Sings and plays Guitar, Tom kills it on bass and Nick shreds the crap out of some drums, so we decided it would be cool if we started a band.

We started playing shows early this year (2013) all over Sydney and it’s been so rad playing with some of our favourite bands such as Yes, I’m Leaving, and March of the Real Fly.

Our influences have been from everywhere, we love bands such as Wavves, FIDLAR, and Dune Rats which have heavily influenced our sound. Influences that have come from outside of music include Skateboarding, eating heaps of pizza, being bored 24/7 and slacking a bunch.

We just released an EP, “Cats and Other Dangerous Animals” which was produced and recorded with Tim Fitz who did a killer job (Tim is also an amazing Sydney artist, look him up!). We made a video clip for our first Single off the EP, ‘Clarence’, that we directed and filmed ourselves which was so fun and now we’re working on another video clip for ‘Money’ (also from the EP) which should be out by the end of September/early November.

Now were just going to play heaps of shows in Sydney, keep writing more music for the babes and keep it straight up gee.

Don’t kill whales and always pick the beautifulest flowers for girls that hate you,

Birds With Thumbs


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