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STRFKRBack in February, Portland, Oregon’s STRFKR‘s released their third studio album Miracle Mile; an album packed with fifteen songs of electronica-synthpop goodness. Being fans of the record (and the band’s past two albums), we were delighted when we found out the quartet’s Shawn Glassford would graciously take the time to answer our questions. Have a read as A Music Blog, Yea? and STRFKR spoke about the inspiration behind their vintage-floral look, favourite music videos, and dominating at Tekken Tag.

AMBY: Hello STRFKR, thank you for speaking with AMBY today. What have you been up to recently?

STRFKR: Well, we’ve been on tour all year pretty much. Had a day off today which was nice. But yeah, playing shows is all we’ve been up to.

AMBY: Your third album Miracle Mile was released back in February. What’s the story behind the record’s title?

STRFKR: It was a lyric in one of the songs. “Fortune’s Fool” and it just kind of made sense with what we’ve been through as a band to get to this point in our career. It really has felt like a miracle.

AMBY: What was the inspiration behind the vintage-floral look the band has recently taken on? It adds an extremely elegant look to the While I’m Alive and Miracle Mile covers.

STRFKR: Our friend Tyler Kohlhoff took the cover photos. We were in Astoria Oregon at the time and he took a random photo of the flowers. Then overlayed everything. Coming from Oregon it made sense and had a nice classy look we liked. We’ve been trying to be more intentional with our aesthetic lately and really like this direction. Josh wears floral dresses too.

AMBY: Starting in November, the band will embark on a European tour. What are you most looking forward to?

STRFKR: We’ve had a really hard time in Europe in the past. So we’re mainly just looking forward to playing some proper shows in legit venues. And of course it’s amazing just being there and visiting all the places we’re going. We’ve never played in Spain or Italy before. That’s gonna be surreal!

AMBY: What do you feel are the best and worst parts of touring?

STRFKR: The best part is when things go right and the show is amazing! That’s what it’s all about, putting on the best show we can. The worst parts are obvious. Being away from our lovers, never being alone, long smelly van rides, never sleeping, drinking too much, ect…

AMBY: Where’s your favourite city in the world to play?

STRFKR: That’s a hard one. So far on this current tour, NYC was magical. We played Terminal 5 for the first time and it was super special. But San Francisco has always been amazing as well.

AMBY: How did you come up with the concept for the bizarrely intriguing video for While I’m Alive?

STRFKR: Honestly, we had nothing to do with the concept of the video. David (the director) did it all. It was inspired by the song and lyrics for sure, but was his vision completely. We were super stoked about it though.

AMBY: Speaking of music videos, STRFKR have some incredible ones. Which is your favourite?

STRFKR: My personal favorite is the ‘While I’m Alive’ video. And ‘Bury Us Alive’ is a close second.

AMBY: Has there ever been a song you wish you wrote? And if so, which song?

STRFKR: Just recently discovered the Orange Juice song ‘Rip It Up’. Such a great song!

AMBY: What’s the best release of the year?

STRFKR: Deerhunter ‘Monomania’ is my favorite. So good, but everything they do is.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about STRFKR that nobody knows yet?

STRFKR: Keil dominates everyone at Tekken Tag in the van. It’s sad.


Thank you STRFKR, for giving us your answers!

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