Getting Cozy With… The David Nelligan Thing!

The David Nelligan ThingDear AMBY Reader,

My name is David Nelligan. My band is The David Nelligan Thing. So far all my releases have been self-recorded and pretty eclectic in style. I released an album called ‘Dark Matters’ in April. I’m very proud of it and I’d be delighted if you’d go and check it out. There’s a lot of guitars and big harmonies, strong melodies and thoughtful lyrics. It’s kind of alt-pop-folk-surf-country-synth-rock, for those of you eager to slap a genre on everything.

Not to be pigeonholed, I released a more synth/loop/beat based E.P. in August called ‘Who Is Synthia?’ I used Shakespeare’s poem ‘Who Is Silvia?’ as the lyrical basis for a banging synth-pop song on the album, then set the song to a dance performance from Léo Delibes’s ballet ‘Sylvia’ for the video. Multimedia-mashup! I’m currently recording a new album with my band (Noel Howard on keys, Rory Dillon on drums, Joe Cusack on bass and James Eliot Taylor on guitar – big shout out to the band!)

This is a formal invitation for you to come and listen. I’ve even made some other videos for you to point your face at.

If you enjoy the music, engage with us on social media. You can say you liked us before we were cool.

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