Gimme Your Answers 2: An Interview w/ Animal Beats

Animal BeatsA few days ago, I had the chance to have a short interview with Limerick/Dublin-based indie/rock band Animal Beats about their upcoming EP, Cheap Carnival. Which was released on the 16th of October, 2013.

AMBY: So, how did you guys meet?

AB: We all went to the same school and hung out with each other as kids. It’s interesting; we had no connections through music at first. It just so happened that we all became interested in the same music and picked up instruments over time. Everything just fell into place after that!

AMBY: When did you first get together to play music?

AB: The first time we had gotten together as a band was back in late 2007. Myself, Paul and John had been in a band previous to that as kids and decided to break away to focus more on original music. We asked Conor to join and had jammed with him individually so after a few weeks we had our first practice in Conor’s garage. We learned a few Thin Lizzy and The Killers covers at first and eventually started writing songs soon after that!

AMBY: What artists influence your sound?

AB: We get asked this quite a bit. When we first formed we were listening to a lot of Kings of Leon and The Killers and some classic rock, so we started to sound a bit like a lot of those bands, but over time our sound became our own. So, we like to think we have our flair but of course we’re still influenced by a lot of the music we currently listen to. We try to listen to a lot of current Irish acts too.

AMBY: Favorite releases of the year so far?

AB: We’re huge fans of Little Green Cars. Aside from that, Kings of Leon’s new album is great and hey, Justin Timberlake’s new album is pretty epic. We do have a few guilty pleasures!

AMBY: You released a music video for your debut single, Cheap Carnival, last month; how did you find working on the video?

AB: That day was so hot. We were out in this field for hours and being from Ireland you’re not too familiar with sun block so naturally we all got so sun burnt. We had a gig two days after so we did request the lights to be a little dim…aside from that the day was very successful.

AMBY: What was your favorite thing about the process of writing/recording the EP?

AB: We all love the recording process. It was great to get into the a studio and really hear the songs as a cohesive unit. The recording process is a big layering process. When we get into the studio we always get new ideas on how to further polish the songs, such as new harmonies, melodies, etc. We recorded one of the E.P tracks in Data Studios in Kerry with Tadge Healy. The other four tracks where recorded and mixed at our Manager David McCarthy’s facility GLR Studios in Limerick. We really felt at home at GLR Studios and spent a number of weeks working on recording procession in order to get it just right.

AMBY: Anything you hated?

AB: Of course after you finish recording you have to pack up all your gear and haul it back home. We’re not in a position to hire roadies just yet. We honestly can’t wait for that day though…

AMBY: Do you have any gigs lined up to support the launch?

AB: Our management team, Big House Management, have been really busy and have booked four dates to launch the e.p. We’ll be playing Dublin on the 17th of Oct in Sweeney’s. Roisin Dubh in Galway on the 18th of Oct. We’ll be playing Crane Lane in Cork of the 13th of November and we’ll be finishing off the tour in Limerick in Dolan’s Warehouse on the 15th of November.

AMBY: Finally, got anything you can tell our readers about yourselves that nobody else knows?

AB: Long before we even started music we were big into skateboarding. Who knows, if this band thing doesn’t work out at least we have something to fall back on!


Thank you Animal Beats, for giving us your answers again!

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