You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Bastard Behind the Eyes”

Bastard Behind the Eyes by Tsar Bomba

Tsar Bomba

“Tsar Bomba” was the nickname for the largest Hydrogen bomb ever exploded, tested at the height of Cold War tensions in the 1960s. As the name for a band it evokes almost a hardcore heavy metal feel, so I prepared my ears accordingly in advance of playing the band’s first track.

But in fact “Bastard Behind the Eyes” is a slice of breezy indie pop. Whatever darkness lies behind the lyrics is kept at bay by a catchy melody and engaging vocals. Sure there is the odd swear word or two which means it’s not going to feature on e.g. BBC Introducing in its present form. But there’s nothing threatening in the language.

Hailing from Epsom, Tsar Bomba are comprised of Alex Somerville on Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Harry Hoyle on Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals, Harrison Galliven on Bass, and Nicholas Stamper. The band are a welcome addition to a burgeoning SW London music scene.

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