YouTube Music Awards – One Award Ceremony Too Far?

YouTube Music AwardsThe Grammys. The Brits. The Mobos. The Mercury Prize. The MTV Awards…

Music has always been and will continue to be celebrated. Every genre, every style, every musician and every artist has played some part in creating the music we love and indeed loathe.

Music itself has played its part in shaping our modern world from the pop and rock choruses of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, to the innovations of Music Television and the iPod. So with YouTube recently announcing that they will be hosting the first-ever YouTube Music Awards 2013 in early November, is there really the need for yet another music award ceremony?

YouTube Announce First-Ever Music Awards

With big names such as Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire and Eminem lined up, the 90 minute show will be live-streamed honouring the songs and artists that have acclaimed hits and views over the past year. American Actor Jason Schwartzmen plays host and Spike Jones (Where The Wild Things Are) showcases his talents as Creative Director. Staged in New York City the show will feature musical collaborations from Seoul, Moscow, London and Rio making the YouTube Music Awards a truly unique experience.

YouTube itself, redefined the way we listen and access the music industry, with live performances, videos, lyrics, remixes and compilations merely a click away. It is arguably, the worlds most usable and accessible music destination as on-the-go smartphone and smart device apps are shared and stored across the World Wide Web.

Influence The Industry

Users will be asked to choose winners once the nominees are announced on 17th October 2013, but is this merely another pretentious celebration of self-indulgence? Whilst the users ultimately decide the winners, will the winner really be award-worthy, or merely a publicity stunt? Will it be a celebration of music or a popularity contest?

The road to musical success is one of the hardest, cut-throat and most competitive around.  YouTube has helped spark the careers of such internet sensations – a certain Mr Bieber springs to mind. Whilst some artists, music technicians, producers and associates are fortunate enough to make such a break, there are a number of music institutions, universities and colleges that give young musicians the skills, qualifications and experience aspiring students need to reach their goals. A journey that, quite rightly, should be celebrated.

Make Your Mark

The fact of the matter is, music touches everyone and what the YouTube Awards represent is not just the sound, but the visual, the emotional, the brilliant and the bonkers. The eyes and ears of the music industry will be finely tuned to the announcement of the categories and the nominees, with the social world sure to have its own variation of opinions.

Giving the audience the power to decide is a clever move by YouTube and really epitomises what it is about – the viewers. Without them, YouTube doesn’t exist and with the allure of live music from the industry’s powerhouses, the awards ceremony will undoubtedly cause a stir come the 5th Nov.

Phil Warrington, a music student at Tech Music School, a specialist music school based in London providing a range of music courses, takes a look at the upcoming YouTube Music Awards and what they actually mean for the industry. 

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