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The RavensBonjour A Music Blog Yea !!!

We are the Ravens heralding from Birmingham, England the home of Roy Wood respectively.

We have lots of different musical influences from the likes of Edward Elgar, Roy Wood ( obviously ) Link Wray, Johnny Burnette, the Sonics, Justin Bieber (no f*cking way) Billy Childish, Brian Jones etc etc etc We are new out this year and we are learning fast about the so called music business.

We are just looking to play the right gigs and create music that we think people will proper dig.

To be fair if we are happy with it, (recording etc) then that would be a plus and I don’t think we would be far off with what we want to achieve We recently recorded this song in Mancherster called “Let sleeping dogs lie” and people really go mad for it especially at live gigs of which we have been getting rave reviews about our live performances.

We have some really good gigs coming up. A couple with a band we really rate from Birmingham also called the Circles, we really can’t wait for those gigs and to see them live again really dig their sound. Also we have our first Northern trip to Hoylake in the Wirral, a place called the Coda Maine a venue where a lot of bands and artists we love have played and continue to do so.

Check out our song down below and you never know you might see us one day soon

Peace out,

The Ravens


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