You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Light Bulbs”

Light Bulbs by The Slaughterhouse 5

The Slaughterhouse 5

Earlier this year, The Slaughterhouse 5 released their debut album, Alban B. Clay. Within a minute of pressing play, I knew listening to this 16 track concept album was going to be an intense experience. I didn’t entirely know what I was getting into.

As a whole, the album can be a little difficult to describe, as it seems to draw influence from every corner of music and theatre. The band seem to class themselves as death pop, which would appear to be a rather appropriate description when you look at the subject-matter they deal with through the music on this record.

My own interpretation of the material on offer here is that it’s a self-aware, theatrical and sometimes comical exploration of the darker elements of popular culture through the cynical mind of an artist struggling with some form of mental illness. Though, my opinion on this changes a little every time I listen to the album, so you’re probably better off just listening to it and seeing what you think it’s all about yourself.

With or without the concept uniting all 16 tracks (I had already begun listening to the album obsessively before diving into the concept), Alban B. Clay has a significant claim to being my favorite release of the year so far, with Light Bulbs (A K.M.R.J. Cover) being my current favorite track.

It features some of my favorite instrumentation on the album (I’m particularly fond of the rather subtle guitar playing during the verses), I adore the vocal performances, and I find its general rhythm to be somewhat hypnotic. It’s also probably one of the most accessible tracks on the album, as it seems to put a greater emphasis on the ‘pop’ side of ‘death pop’, and it doesn’t strike me as being quite as heavily invested in the concept, though that’s not to say it doesn’t fit into the thematic concept of the album. It also helps that I find its introduction and epilogue tracks hilarious.

It might be worth nothing that the track is not actually a cover as far as I can tell, which I only discovered after listening more closely to the preceding track, ‘Radio Snop Pop (Lead-in)’, which refers to a song called Lightbulbs from a band called ‘Kiss My Royal Jazz’.Alas, for whatever reason, the whole album is no longer available online (I think it’s being rereleased at the end of the year), so you will have to make do with two tracks for now. Thankfully, Light Bulbs is one of the two that are still online.

You can stream the track here.

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And you can view the music video, featuring its rather wonderful introduction and epilogue tracks, here:

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