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Cartesian JetstreamHi folks, we are Cartesian Jetstream from the Isle of Man, a tiny island lost in the Irish Sea. We worship Manannán and in our spare time we make music.

Me & Ben spent hours and years creating endless psychedelic jams in Ben’s attic with other oddballs but even the cows outside the window weren’t that impressed so we decided to write some proper concise and approachable songs that even reasonable people could enjoy – post-psychedelic rock for children of all ages.

We fished Phil out of the sea, taught him to speak and walk on land and then one day we discovered that his fingers (half finger, half great tentacle) that had been such a burden to him during his life under the water, made him the perfect bass player.

Then we found a singer but on his very first day, just as he was about to sing the very first note of the very first song he decided that he did not want to be our singer any more. At that point I realized that the only person fit to bear the terrible burden of having to sing my lyrics was me.

The rest is history or a myth or a dream (and I know that nobody can ever really tell the difference).

Anyway our first album is called Sleep Over, for a number of very good reasons. It is out now, please buy it so that we can afford to record another one. It is quite a simple, pleasant thing, good to nod your head to and fro but if you listen carefully, several times, some things will be revealed to you and if you drop us a line I will let you know if they were the correct things or if they were the incorrect things.


Simon, Ben & Phil


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