Getting Cozy With… Jeremiah Hunter and the Preachermen!

Jeremiah Hunter & the PreachermenHello readers of A Music Blog, Yea? Yes.

This is Jeremy, from Australian rock band Jeremiah Hunter and the Preachermen. We’re based in Brisbane, but I’m writing this from a nice little Melbourne cafe with our drummer Patrick. We are on tour, you see, for our first ever single ‘Cowards’. And we just found out that each band at our Melbourne show gets a whole carton of beer. Things are looking up!

‘Cowards’ is the first single from a five song EP we’ll be releasing next year. It’s a bit dark, a bit heavy, with a rolling, driving beat and somewhere between two and five guitar solos – you be the judge. I wrote that one a few years ago around the time of the GFC when everyone was freaking out about whether anything they owned would still be theirs tomorrow.

Our sound draws a lot from 90s guitar rock bands, like Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead and Pearl Jam. Lets face it, our lead guitarist Lucas pretty much learnt guitar from listening to Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots. He loves that shit, it’s embedded in his DNA. Other than that, Patrick loves his prog bands and our bassist VJ enjoys a bit of the ol’ National. But really, who doesn’t?

We’re a very young band, only forming this year, so its awesome for our first single as a band to be put on this blog on the other side of the world. So thanks for having us!


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