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Said the Whale
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Vancouver-based quintet Said the Whale released their fourth LP hawaiii back in September. The indie rockers have been touring North America for a while now and have some upcoming shows throughout Canada soon approaching (like The Opera House in Toronto on November 21st). After catching the band at the 2013 CASBY Awards, it was great to learn more about the humourous and lighthearted group!

In a recent interview, A Music Blog, Yea? caught up with Said the Whale’s Spencer Schoening to talk about the inspiration behind the title hawaiii, Breaking Bad, Fishin With Ben, and he even breaks down his favourite songs using complex math…

AMBY: Hello Said The Whale, how are you and what’s the band been up to lately?

Said The Whale: The royal we and the regular we are well. We are soaking up some much needed home life at the moment, having been on tour in the US for the better part of the last few months. We came back straight from Boston after looping through the south and the Midwest, as well as celebrating the release of our new record hawaiii.

AMBY: Which three songs are quintessential Said The Whale?

Said The Whale: This is some complex math… Since we have three proper studio albums now, I will pick one from each

Canadiana x Pseudo-90s alternative x Flashy drums = Out On The Shield 

Folksy vibes + Home recording + Experimentation = Lover/Friend

Family x Heartfelt lyrics + You might cry = Helpless Son

AMBY: How would you describe each member of the band in one word?

Said The Whale: Jayce – lipstick, Nathan – headphones, Spencer – book, Ben – fishing, Tyler – email

AMBY: Your fourth record hawaiii was released on September 17th. What inspired the title? And why three “i”s and the lowercase “h”?

Said The Whale: It was inspired by many months of thinking “what the hell is this album called?” The name came up at some point during SXSW this year. We all liked it, maybe for different reasons, but at least we all agreed it seemed like the right title for this collection of songs. The spelling and punctuation is just to make sure no one confuses it with the proper noun Hawaii. I believe hawaiii is an adjective.

AMBY: Which Said The Whale lyric is your favourite?

Said The Whale: I keep bringing it back to Lover/Friend, I love how the line “I would never have guessed that you would find me here on the other side of the land” is stretched over so much time, yet it still feels like one single lyric.

Oh, and the last line of Resolutions that no one will ever hear because it fades out.

AMBY: What’s the story behind the coloured dust? We’ve seen it multiple times in your press photos.

Said The Whale: Our wonderful friend and photographer Vanessa Heins brought them along to our photo shoot. I believe they are made for paintball.

AMBY: How did the new YouTube segment Fishin With Ben come to be?

Said The Whale: If you knew Ben and Tyler in high school, you would be aware of their penchant for making hilarious videos in their spare time. Or you might know a little bit about that already if you caught Indiegestion. We dusted off the camera and stared filming some stuff last tour. More to come!

AMBY: The band seemed pretty excited about the Breaking Bad finale. What is your take on the final episode now that it’s over?

Said The Whale: It seems like the general consensus is that it’s just how the show should have ended. Go Jesse go.

AMBY: Speaking of TV shows, if you could choose to have your music featured in any movie or show, which would you choose?

Said The Whale: Girls, The next Wes Anderson movie.

AMBY: What’s the best release of the year so far?

Said The Whale: Since you got Spencer at the keyboard the answer is Bosnian Rainbows – Bosnian Rainbows. Though I think the one we can all agree on would be Violent by We Are The City. Royal Canoe has been rocking us too lately.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Said The Whale that nobody knows yet?

Said The Whale: We all take our coffee black, except Nathan.


Thank you Said the Whale, for giving us your answers!

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