You’ve GOT to See This: “Just My Luck”

Just My Luck by The Tennents

The Tennents

“Just My Luck” is the second single from Hull based four piece The Tennents, after a well received debut EP earlier this year. Already well known in their local music scene it could just be the track that kicks things up to national recognition for them.

Sure they show up their influences, but taking inspiration from the likes of Foals and Peace is no bad thing in my book. And in Mathew Conner on vocals the band seem to have a front man with the right mix of swagger and talent to bring their songs to life.

The video for Just My Luck shows that working to a tight budget needn’t get in the way of quality visuals to accompany the track. It’s also a good showcase for what looks like a compelling live performance.

With Barney Wilson on bass, Ryan Smith on Rhythm Guitar and Sam Mackereth on drums, The Tennents are worth your attention. (Comment: well done to me for not trying to squeeze a Band out of Hull/Bat out of Hell reference in this article….Ed: you just did!).

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