Getting Cozy With… The Statics!

The StaticsWe are The Statics, purveyors of such heartwarming lyrics that warm your heart as ‘Depressions everywhere I look’ ‘I got my whole life and its going down the drain’ and the mid morning mantra of ‘I got problems’ . But fuck it yeh, who doesn’t have problems? You definitely do…and you over there. So listen to us, we are fellow sufferers who have musicalised all our problems in a bid to transcend the daily dark day occurrences of mid morning mental meltdowns and come out the other side laughing, hoorah!…but not at our gigs, no siree, that’s when you’ll get the full sonic Static sound wave. Thank you AMBY readers – Liam, Darragh, Jacqueline & Tomo.  (For a more orthodox description see our sites, they’ll bore the pants of ya, ‘specially if your reading them at your computer…alone)


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