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Pale Grey
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If your preferred genre of listening is groovy indietronica, you must get this band on your radar. Pale Grey are “a fresh new band from Belgium”, who released their debut album Best Friends on April 15. To find out what the band has been up to recently, A Music Blog, Yea? spoke with Pale Grey about inspirations, the story behind their new video Shame, hiphop, and weird restaurant meals.

AMBY: Hello Pale Grey, what’s the band been up to?

Pale Grey: At the moment we are touring around Europe to defend our first album.  We played in most of the biggest festivals in Belgium (Dour Festival, Nuits Botanique, Ardentes, BSF,.) and start to go abroad.  In Belgium we received a lot of great feedbacks about the album, which has been released a few month ago. We’re now looking forward to find out what foreign people think about it.

AMBY: Who inspires your lush indietronica?

Pale Grey: We are big music lovers.  We listen to a lot of different kinds of music such as abstract hip hop (label like Anticon, Warp,.), pop music (morr music,.) and post rock.  All this stuff inspires our music.

AMBY: Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration?

Pale Grey: Our music is mostly a mix between poppy melodies and bits of melancolia. We like to imagine small stories in our songs and create contrasts between the music and the lyrics. Some songs have sad melodies but tell funny things, and vice versa.

AMBY: I love Seaside. How did the song come to be?

Pale Grey: When we composed this song, we tried to make a hiphop song.  We imagined the stereotype of big black rappers singing in their cars in the sun of LA and tried to do the same.  However, as you can see, the song is not really hiphop.. In a way we failed but it’s not a big deal because we love the song.  In the lyrics, we tell the story of a guy riding his bicycle as if he was one of those cool rappers.

AMBY: You recently released a brand-new film clip. What inspired the story told throughout the Shame video?

Pale Grey: For the new clip, we worked with a film agency from Brussels (Florian Leonard & Martin Landmeters). We allowed them to interpret the song and the lyrics as they wanted and make a video of it.

AMBY: What was the main point you wanted viewers to receive after watching it?

Pale Grey: The principal idea is that the main character fails to stay a nice boy due to the violent acts which he is a victim of. He becomes one of the bad boys. We tried to do something visual with a related topic. We like when people are moved when they watch our small film.  We received a lot of great feedbacks on it so, in a way, we succeeded.

AMBY: Which Pale Grey lyric is your favourite?

Pale Grey: We like the lyrics of Confession.  It’s the story of a guy who confesses to his best friend, who fell into a coma after a car crash, that he is the real father of his son.

AMBY: What’s the funniest thing to happen to you at a gig?

Pale Grey: This summer, when playing in a festival, some girls brought big posters with our name and a heart on it.  It was the first time it happened and we never saw those girls before.  It’s not really funny but we were astonished by it.

AMBY: If you could choose to have your music featured in any movie or show, which would you choose?

Pale Grey: We’d really love to do the Letterman show.  Otherwise, we like the universe of French film director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amelie Poulain, .).

AMBY: What’s the best release of the year?

Pale Grey: We really like the album Invisible of the band The Feather who are friend of us.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Pale Grey that nobody knows yet?

Pale Grey: Gilles, the singer, when we go to the restaurant together, use to order the weirdest plate in the menu. It’s always funny. Last time, he ate a dish with pig trunk.  It was so disgusting but he seemed to like it.


Thank you Pale Grey, for giving us your answers!

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