Gimme Your Answers 2: An Interview w/ PEACE

PeaceOn a sunny fall Tuesday afternoon, A Music Blog, Yea? headed downtown to interview one of our favourite bands, PEACE. It was a week after the release of EP Delicious when we last spoke with this Birmingham quartet. Now (almost a year later) the band have released their fabulous debut record In Love. Walking into their hotel for the interview, the first thing we saw was a row of lined-up bottles spelling In Love. Coincidence or not, we simply had a feeling this was going to be a fun interview with a band we admire. Have a read below as AMBY sat down with PEACE’s Harrison Koisser and Dominic Boyce to chat about the Birmingham scene, kicking members off the tour bus, being draped in velvet, and their love/hate relationship with fizzy drinks. And, remember: PEACE FOREVER EVER!

AMBY: First off, I want to say welcome to Canada! We’re glad to finally have you here. How has it been treating you so far?

Harry: It’s been good.

AMBY: Do you have any plans to do anything touristy during your stay?

Harry: We haven’t been here long but I went over, it may be something touristy, but to that island over there.

AMBY: And regarding the tour so far, what are you most looking forward to? It’s such an incredible line-up.

Dom: Yes, it is. It’s a good tour, isn’t it?

Harry: I guess just the… playing! Playing songs.

Dom: It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve done a tour.

Harry: It has.

Dom: We’ve been doing festivals.

Harry: Yea, so I guess it’s just getting back into that.

Dom Pre-Show RitualAMBY: Alright. Well, tonight will be my first time seeing you, of course. And I saw your (Dom’s) pre-show ritual the other day which was pretty intense [laughs]. So, what else do you do to get yourselves riled up before going on stage?

Dom: [laughs]

Harry: I suppose it’s kind of a natural thing before we go on.

Dom: I’d have to say, yea. Just imagine it all.

AMBY: Will do. And when we last spoke, it was right after the release of EP Delicious. What are your thoughts on the EP now that there’s been a year to reflect on it?

Dom: Good job.

AMBY: [laughs]

Harry: Yea, I pat on the back.

AMBY: Thumbs up!

Harry: Yes, I’m happy with it and think we did a good job.

Dom: Yea, definitely.

Harry: EP– done [laughs].

AMBY: Did you try and transition your sound from the EP onto your debut record?

Harry: No, not really. I feel like we did, but I don’t think we tried to in that sense. We were actually trying not to, but we did.

AMBY: Off the EP, my favourite song would have to be Bloodshake. I will never tire of that track, it always makes me want to dance. So looking back a year later, which song really stands out for you still?

Dom: Off the EP?

AMBY: Yes.

Dom: It would probably have to be 1998.

Harry: I’d say Bloodshake is my favourite off the EP.

AMBY: Awesome. Your debut album In Love was released back in March of this year in the UK. And I’m sorry, but I really have to ask: how did the idea for the cover of the album come around?

Harry: What was it?

Dom: Us in our thingies.

AMBY: All of you laying down together.

Harry: Ah yea, yea [laughs]. It’s… I can’t remember really.

Dom: It was one of the most uncomfortable feelings.

AMBY: I was going to ask about that, were you all trying not to laugh? You’re pretty serious on the cover.

Harry: We were laying down together–

Dom: Yes, on a wooden floor. And we had to make sure that our knees aren’t sticking out [laughs].

Harry: Despite the fact that it was on a major label, there was a big lack of anyone telling you what to do. They just left it up to us and we weren’t sure what to do. We bought the red velvet and there we were. I always thought that they’d package it and that, the label. But they just left it up to us. In fact, the photographer didn’t even send us the full-sized image.

AMBY: Really?

Harry: No. We scanned and printed out a smaller image–

Dom: A lower quality image. Like a thumbnail.

Harry: Not a thumbnail, kind of like a preview of the photo. So we had to print it off, scan it, and that’s the one on the cover.

AMBY: Wow, that’s so neat. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Dom: No problem.

AMBY: Here’s something I simply have to bring up,  Birmingham. How does it feel to be such a quintessential part of that scene?

Harry: I don’t really feel like… It was something that–

Dom: It was after we left, really.

Harry: I feel like it’s something that we started, and now other people have made it what it is. I don’t think we can take credit, really. What we did was play in pubs [laughs] and then we got signed and I guess a lot of other bands started it.

Dom: Birmingham holds near and dear but I don’t really feel that we’re a part of it to the extend that everybody else seems to think.

Harry: We’re certainly not there anymore. Everyday. Which we used to be but that was before it was a thing. It’s quite amusing though, I look at it and think it’s really good, but I don’t feel a part of it. That’s kind of cool in itself.

AMBY: That’s understandable. Is there anyone you think people should be keeping their eyes on from there?

Harry: Superfood.

AMBY: Yes, definitely.

Dom: You like them, do you?

AMBY: Yea, I interviewed them months back.

Dom: Really?

AMBY: Yes! They’re a very cool band.

Dom: They’re good, friends of ours.

Harry: Who else?

Dom: I haven’t been in England for months…

Harry: There’s bound to be some brilliant bands.

Dom: I’m sure there’s loads around.

AMBY: There definitely is. Well, in our interviews we like asking some fun questions. So the first one: if you could kick anyone off of the tour bus, who would you kick off?

Dom: [laughs] Out of the band?

Harry: Anyone off the tour bus…

AMBY: Anybody.

Dom: Our technician, just because it would be funny [laughs].

AMBY: Alright then! And if PEACE could create a law that everyone would have to follow, what would your new law be?

Harry: I had a good one…

Dom: Drum or die.

AMBY: [laughs] What a surprise there.

Harry: I actually had a law, aw what was it? I was boring someone to death the other day and I can’t remember what I said… Oh, I’d make it illegal to… I can’t remember. What was yours?

Dom: Drum or die.

Harry: Of course. That’s a horrible one. I’d outlaw– you know what I think I’d get rid of? Fizzy drinks.

Dom: I like a good fizzy drink sometimes.

Harry: Well, you better get used to a nice, flat drink.

Dom: I wouldn’t care that much, but also, sometimes it’s nice to just have a can of Sprite and get your sugar levels back up.

Harry: I’d still ban fizzy drinks.

Dom: No…

Harry: Carbonated drinks!

Dom: Sparking wine is nice.

Harry: Yea, they’re all nice but they’re unnecessary.

AMBY: Oh my, the great debate [laughs].

Dom: …Champagne, it’s all good.

Harry: Champagne is great. Well, there you go, that would be my law.

AMBY: Perfect. Now we’re at the very last question of the interview. What’s the best part of being in PEACE?

Harry: I think there’s a good feeling that surrounds our band.

Dom: Absolutely.


Thanks again PEACE, for sitting down with AMBY and giving us your answers!

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