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MAPHey there AMBY readers and music lovers,

MAP here to serenade you. Currently deriving from the sunny and cool shores of Massachusetts, our main goal is make beautiful music.  We’re currently a three-piece indie rock band inspired by the sounds of the Smith Westerns and the Strokes, but also the sounds of Boards of Canada.  Our names are Matt, Ethan and Alec and apart from conquering vicious sea monsters and mountain lions, we rock out hard.  Almost too hard.

It all began when we got together and just started throwing down chords progressions and melodies that lead into lyrics that lead into getting famous because George Clooney is our manager… kinda.

We released “Oceans For Her,” with not a lot of goals for where it could take us, but rather what it could say about our sound as a group.  We had still been trying to identify who we were as a band with this self-release, but we love the direction that it has been taken, and can’t wait to see what we hold in future releases.

So come on over.  Listen to us! And feel welcomed.  Because you should be!

Stay tuned, it’s gonna be a great time.



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